Betty Anne Nixon, APN-C
3 Third Street
Suite 020
Bordentown, NJ 08505
Phone: 1-732-354-1890
Specializing in trauma therapy for nurses and nursing students. 


Caring is at the heart of nursing. It is important that we care for ourselves and each other. Sometimes a nurse may feel alone, even when working as part of a healthcare team. It helps to take time to process the extraordinary stressors (trauma) experienced by nurses in their personal circumstances and while working in the nursing profession.

Nurses are wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and so many things to many people. We have many titles and wear many hats. Caring is what a nurse does and it sometimes feels like a 24 hour a day job. A nurse doesn’t stop being a nurse when she leaves the workplace. We bring our nurse selves to everything we do.

Nurses are heroes, warriors, healers, and nurturers. They are human. They are not immune to feeling the impact of their childhood experiences, relationship conflicts, family stresses, mood difficulties, and worries. Betty Anne has a unique understanding of the therapy needs of nurses, particularly nurse trauma. As a nurse therapist, Betty Anne has the specialized education, training and experience to help nurses with trauma. She provides an environment of safety, validation, and understanding. Betty Anne utilizes an individualized approach and plan of treatment with the goal of bringing about relief from symptoms of trauma and distress. It is a process that requires commitment, humility, and authenticity on the part of the caregiver and the client.

Betty Anne acts as a therapist, consultant, collaborator, and coach to help nurses become self actualized in the many important areas of their lives, even after trauma.

Please call Betty Anne at 732-354-1890 to schedule an initial evaluation for therapy. Betty Anne does not participate in health insurance plans in the Therapy For Nurses program. It is a private pay, fee for service program. Rates are discussed prior to scheduling initial evaluation.

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